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December 2020


INDIANAPOLIS — The family of a toddler killed in a north side crash urged others to cherish their time with loved ones, especially during uncertain times.


Alana Dior “Blossom” Price would have turned 3 in February.


She died Tuesday night when her family’s SUV left the roadway, careened through a gas station parking lot, hit a tree and flipped in front of an ALDI supermarket in the 5200 block of North Keystone Avenue.


Blossom’s mother and two older brothers were injured and expected to recover.

Symone Beverly, the last relative to see the family before the accident, rushed to the scene in disbelief.


“It happened 30 minutes right after their mom picked them up from me,” she told News 8. “I didn’t think it was true.”


Blossom was the baby of the family, the only girl and the daughter Beverly’s cousin had always wanted. Before Blossom was born, her older brother declared, “Mom, this is going to be a girl and I want to call her Blossom.”


The nickname stuck. The little girl was a “blossoming flower” of joy and exuberance, her family said.


Blossom loved the camera; it seemed to love her right back. Photos and videos provided by Beverly show her posing, dancing and modeling the latest Snapchat filters.


“I actually still have a picture of her in the hospital [the day she was born], smiling with her hands [by her face], bundled up,” Beverly said.


Her seemingly boundless energy captivated her family and brought them closer. Her two older brothers picked out onesies and prepared bottles for her, and often reminded people not to speed when they were in the car with her.


The cause of Tuesday’s crash remains under investigation, police said.


Beverly reminded people not to take life for granted, saying too many Hoosiers had experienced the pain of losing a relative this year.


“We’re losing a lot of people. Stay close to your family. Call every day. You want those memories,” she said.

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